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3/21/2020 - Year 2020

In this year we decided to neuter Fred. All our cats are OK, they live in our house or in other perfect famillies. Tob


12/31/2019 - Year 2019

In this year there had Smokie and Fred kitten (Litter I), then our youngiest Carrie and Alec (Litter J), Daily and Alec (Litter K). All our offspring have lovely famillies.


4/5/2018 - New results of genetic tests

Didi Fluffy Hearts - PKDef a PK - normal.


4/4/2018 - Our litter G has their new owner, super and nice p

Our litter G has their new owner, super and nice people.


12/31/2017 - And excelent new owner send also the photos.


12/18/2017 - What has the Year 2017 brought?

Excelent kitten, much fun with them, satisfied new famillies and very happy kitten in their new homes. Our offspring Amálka is the mother of the litter C and our offspring Alec is the father of the litter E. We are proud breeders.


10/3/2017 - Kitten from litter E are very activ and funny

Kitten from litter E are very activ and funny.


4/17/2017 - All kitten from litter C are in new homes


1/31/2017 - All news and photos we put on facebook

All news and photos we put on facebook - facebook.com/fluffyhearts.cz/.


1/1/2017 - Big thing happened.

Big thing happened. We celebrated a New year with arrival of 7 small mouses - the mother is Amálka Fuzzy Hearts and father Fred Magnetcoon K Red Gigant.


11/12/2016 - White Rocks Black Velvet

We have a new familly member - White Rocks Black Velvet.


8/4/2016 - Blackie left us suddenly.

Blackie left us suddenly.


5/17/2016 - Tests results

We have the results of HCM by all cats. Magnetcoon U´Red Qween, Magnetcoon R´Black Diament, Magnetcoon G´Black Smoke are N/N, Magnetcoon K´Red Gigant is negativ. There will follow the sono of the heart.


5/8/2016 - International Cat Show Most

We visited the exhibitions in Most will our two new cats. Fred (Magnetcoon K´Red Gigant) is the winner of the prize of the sponsor. Alexandra (Magnetcoon R´Black Diament) was presented in BIS. Tobias received CACIB.


5/6/2016 - It seems, Nessie will have babies.

The sono showed, Nessie will have babies.


12/15/2015 - Tobias visited a cardiology

Today Tobias visited a cardiology. Not only HCM is negative, but also other heart´s deseases.


11/21/2015 - Amálka in Lysá nad Labem

We took Amálka to the exhibition in Lysá and she received very nice judges report with the results Exc.1 in the class of the kitten.


11/13/2015 - Asterix

Asterix is in the new home friend also with the dog.


11/11/2015 - Alec

Alec is very well, he is following the new familly each moment of his life.


9/7/2015 - We have last very nice kitten - a lovely girl.



9/3/2015 - Alec - is now in a new familly

Our first darling - Alec - is now in a new familly and he is very fine there. He is very lovely and cuddly.


8/23/2015 - kitten

We have nice kitten from tested breeding to offfer


7/1/2015 - The kitten

The kitten are wunderfull and lovely. They are nice like theirs parents, big and with exhibition´s premises. We have one blue girl and two copies of Tobias - males. They will be available about 20.8.2015.


6/28/2015 - International exhibition in Brno

Tobias received the title CACIB and we work on the title International Champion. It is a pitty he did not received the title the first day due to the oily tail.


5/24/2015 - On 24.5.2015 three wunderful kitten are born.

The father is the Champion Tobias and the great mother is our Nessie. All three kitten have the same weight - 107g and are grey, or grey with white. We have 2 males and 1 female.


5/17/2015 - Tobias has a title of CHAMPION

Tobias has completed the condition for the titel of CHampion!!!!


5/10/2015 - Exhibition in Most

We had a very big succes in the exhibition in Most. Tobias received CAC and nomination to the BIS from very famous judge Eric Reijers. He has so nice judge´s report:))


5/10/2015 - Nessie will have kitten

So, Nessie was not with us in Most, because she will have babies. The kitten should be born about 20.5. and the vet saw at the sono three kittens.


12/14/2014 - International exhibition Prague

On 13.12.2014 received Nessie CAC. Tobias has also very nice judges report and received on 13.12. and 14.12. Exc.2.


11/9/2014 - International exhibition Zdice

Tobias received Ex.3 and in the jugde report there is written, he is a sweet boy, very nice set ears, beautiful eyes, very well built, he could have more dominant marking. Nessie lost with a cat, that was one year older, she received Ex.2, in the judge report there is written, she could have more silky teaxture, but very well built, nice girl.


10/21/2014 - Results of HCM

Today the results of HCM arrived. Nessie is N/N and Tobbi negative.


9/29/2014 - The results of testing

Today we recieved the results from testing of Nessie and Tobi - FeLV and FIV - both negative. We are still waiting for the results of HCM by Tobi.


9/28/2014 - New outside space for our animals

We have built for our cats a new space for run and play outside our home. There is a tunnel conecting the house and outside´s place and a lot of space for playing.


7/26/2014 - Succes at the exhibition in Prag

Nessie was awarded Ex.1, BIS nomination


7/16/2014 - Arrival of Tobias at home

Today we brought at home a wonderful cat-male from Germany.


5/15/2014 - Our breeding kennel was found

Our breeding kennel is registred in the Czech association for cat´s breeder under the N. 6614.


2/20/2014 - arrival of Nessie home

Today we arrived home with our dream - main coon cat Nessie.



We are a small breeding kennel from Czech Republic, founded in 2014. Prior to that had been proud owners of numerous cats that we had found wondering around the streets.
We have a lot of experience with breeding especially since we have own cattery of berger de dogs. We have been very successful at many of the international and national exhibitions. However, the character and comfort of our animals is of the greatest value to us. They have always been and will be part of our family and have a strong bond with all member of our family including children and other animals.


The breeding of the cats Fluffy Hearts
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