maine coon

About the breed

Maine Coon Cat (MCO) 



It was originally a breed of America, which indeeds the actual name of the cat. The cat was first spotted in the state of Maine and since it is partially derived the name of the breed. Her second name,' Coon"  has been assigned due to its  tail, which strikingly resembles a teddy bear raccoon. 


Maine Coon cats have very friendly nature. They are very playful and talkative pets. With people they are able to build a very strong relationship. They love children, get on well with other cats and even dogs. Their typical character is their friendliness and love. Of course, every cat is unique in character, and so between them you can find the one that is rather nestles close to their owners than in his arms. They are ready to participate in all activities and their playfulness they usually last a lifetime. 

Typical features 

A particularly large and robust cat that has a sturdy, muscular body with strong bones. Males can weigh up to 10 kg and measure up to 1 meter. Neuters can achieve even greater weight to 12 kg. The cats are smaller than males and their average weight is about 6-7 kg. 
They grow to full size relatively long and up between the third and fourth year of life. 


Moderately long, broad, strong chin. High cheekbones deployed. 


Big, tall and erect, mounted tufts of hair growing from the inside, the ends are pointed and ending with bristles. 


Long, thick, slightly oily, with the desired collar around his neck. 


Dominant, crested, as long as their body. 


We are a small breeding kennel from Czech Republic, founded in 2014. Prior to that had been proud owners of numerous cats that we had found wondering around the streets.
We have a lot of experience with breeding especially since we have own cattery of berger de dogs. We have been very successful at many of the international and national exhibitions. However, the character and comfort of our animals is of the greatest value to us. They have always been and will be part of our family and have a strong bond with all member of our family including children and other animals.


The breeding of the cats Fluffy Hearts
Veronika and Jaroslav Mallat, Hřebeny 32, 262 56 Milešov
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